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As we've moved culturally to a world of digitally-created music, lower-end bass has become a foundation, and a 5-string bass helps bass players of all ability to reach those low notes. And whether you're looking to add a bass track to your music or want to play bass as part of a band, you likely know that bass is an underappreciated facet in most musical genres. I've often thought about a 5 string but there has only been one occasion where I've needed to hit the notes on the "B" string. However, if your hands are small or if you have short fingers, the broader neck that happens as a result of having an extra string may make playing more challenging. I use my StinggRay5 most of the time because it has really great low mids. Submitted by billeyer on January 23, 2018 - 7:55am. If you're an adventurous bass player who wants to develop your skills further, you might prefer a six-string bass over both the four-string and the five-string. The nut is at a length of 51mm on the 5 string vs. 38.1mm on the 4 string thus also making the neck wider. It's in the top 3 bestselling electric basses and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as … Sign Up. What do you do when you can't hit that low B? Submitted by BobFairchild on July 24, 2018 - 12:59pm. --A five-string bass expands the low end you can reach. July 14, 2019 . Are there many songs that require a 5 string OR a 4 string detuned bass… She will reach out to you first thing in Monday morning. --Many musical genres sound better with full, rich bass. Maybe some bass players to can speak to this idea. Is It Harder To Play With Five String Basses? For that occasion I put a .125 on a spare bass, moved the strings up one and I was covered. I noticed an error in the Holy Ground bass Tab. It wasn't that much more difficult to play and opens up many possibilities. Submitted by DavidABucci on October 16, 2018 - 5:06pm. Great article thanks for posting. The sight has great info but the support is bad. I am getting the best of both guitars by tuning my bass to D-Standard (D-G-C-F). Something has obviously gone wrong because our support guru, Bethany is amazing. July 20, 2019 . Different types of Electric Guitars . bass guitar is an enduring one. Keep it simple. -- The larger neck width may not pose much of an issue, especially if you have larger hands. Required fields are marked *. It had got me thinking of what I can do with a five string vs. a four string. Using a fiver allows you to retain the same finger pattern and easily move it to another key, without rethinking about scales/degrees/position. The four-strings makes them a favourite of many new musicians, as learning to deal with the four strings of a bass (as opposed to the six strings of many guitars) seems more straightforward. 3. I got the idea from David Landreth of the Bros. Landreth. The art of playing bass seems to have become more complex as time goes on, and the bass is adapting to meet those new needs. d. Submitted by Leep7822 on March 12, 2018 - 11:04am. However, if you play hip-hop or some other genres, that extra-string may be just what you need to reach the lower-frequency bass that you often hear. While a five-string bass is an excellent option for those planning to play in lower frequencies, the fifth string isn't always (or even often) used. The biggest difference between a 4 string and a 5 string bass is this: one has one more string than the other. Especially if you're new to bass, this can be a challenge. I decided to get the 5 string and have been quite happy with it ever since. This video will show you the different options you have when choosing which type of bass you want to play. Whether you consider that a positive or negative is up to you. 10 best bass guitars 2020: four-string and five-string bass guitars for every budget. --If you're playing pop or folk music; the chances are good that you won't need the added low end of a five-string bass. Hey man, to some degree I think every bass sounds different. Its the actual Chart that is wrong. Thanks for reaching out here. I am personally a big fan of 5-string basses, but I will try to be as objective as possible throughout this article, even when we get to the cons. I get the comfort and weight advantage of a 4 string and I get extended range. Faster switching isn't always necessary, but if you play a lot of up-tempo music with dynamic basslines, this can make a world of difference. The 5-String. More bass players should know who James Jamerson is! This is noted for its solid alder body, a vintage style bridge, custom V3 ceramic pickups, and lightweight open gear tuners. Most bass guitars have four strings. Why you would want a 5-string bass. I would personally go with a 5 string because I think it's more versatile, but if you like the comfort of a 4 string more, I say go for it. 4 String Vs 5 String Bass – Which Bass Guitar do you need . He moved to the US with his band Tree 63 and has toured and recorded with numerous worship artists. 1. 1. However, if you are accustomed to playing a four-string bass or if you have larger fingers, this may be a bit of an adjustment. Submitted by sanderhabraken on June 25, 2018 - 12:08am. I've got a custom electronics that I get up to 20db of volume boost. A fifth string offers you a wider playing range, but it's also another string you need to keep quieter. Try out your new 5 string on these lessons, Bring Your Best to the Worship Experience, Earthquaker Devices Palisades Demo and Tutorial, Pedal Demo and Tutorial: JHS Pollinator Fuzz, How to Use Omni TR with Mainstage in a Live Setting, A Complete Guide To Purchasing Your First Guitar And Beyond. How do you actually use the drop-d? If you're a beginner, a four-string bass is sure to be less overwhelming to learn. My question is two-fold, is it very hard to switch to a fiver in regard to muting etc, and how does drop-d work (not the actual tuning, but the playing). Even though they come with four strings, four-string banjos aren’t typically played like bass guitars (bass banjos do exist, though). I know the string spacing is pretty close on the Yamaha RBX - 5's so don't get too heavy a gauge string. Bass is often an undervalued component in the composition of a song. I got the effect that I was hoping for. --More strings usually means you'll end up with a wider-necked bass. In genres where you need more bass, this is especially desirable. Having only four strings encourages creativity. There's nothing worse than a keyboard player trampling all over your notes. pop and slap is a popular style for bass guitar. Of course, you never want to purchase a bass without playing it first. Shares (Image credit: Fender) Explore the world of fat frequencies with our expert guide to the best bass guitars in the world today. What is the difference between a 4 string and 5 string bass guitar? But you’re more likely to notice that a five-string will either have narrower string-to-string spacing or a wider fretboard (especially as you move up the neck) to accommodate the B string. I started with a 4 string about 3 years ago and recently added a 5 string. The most popular string configuration is 4-strings. A good octave pedal is another option for those few times you need to get really low or when you want to thicken your sound some. 10. A five string can give you more options than you are ready for causing you to muddy up the mix or simply play too busily. July 29, 2019 . Sign up here. View more at *****www.freebassguitarvideos**** -- A fifth string means a manufacturer has to use more of each material when making a guitar, which translates to a higher cost for the buyer. I will get them to sort it out. For that, I'd recommend a squier or fender jazz bass. I tried to upgrade my plan from individual to medium and it failed because of having to get a replacement card. Filter Pedal – A Guide to EQ, Wah & Envelope Filter Effects . Last year, I purchased a five string. It just gives you more options and options are good when you know what to do with them. At the end of the day, it's all about preference. Choosing a 4, 5, or 6 String Bass is a free video lesson by Russ Rodgers that will show talk about the various setups for bass guitar. Thanks again It's pretty easy to go back and forth between them and each offers its own challenges. It's a personal choice so rather than tell you what you should do, I'm just going to list a few benefits of each. I agree. On a 4 string, the challenge for key changes occurs when you move down through arrangements where the are open string notes. February 10, 2020 . Do I need to totally cancel everything and give up on Worship Artristy? That low B string really adds some bottom. Video lesson is correct. This can make it easier to play and more efficient to switch between them. The best 5-string basses pack the most value for the money. Submitted by daniel_isbell@yahoo.com (not verified) on October 10, 2015 - 7:34am. I think it’s always good to start things off with the positive aspects of an instrument; there tend to be more benefits than drawbacks anyway. I know strings are expensive so I always suggest coated strings because they last so much longer. I leave everything on my amp set the same. The. A 5-string bass unequivocally expands your. Daniel, I know you recommend the D'Addario EXP-160 Coated nickle for the 4 string bass. Before buying, think about the kind of music you play (or want to play) and go from there. 5-string vs 4-string battle between two up and coming bass players. With that said, here are some of the advantages of each one: The bottom line here is to think of a five-string bass as adding something extra. Always save those low notes for when it really counts in the song. The other reasons are pretty much what others have mentioned, heavier, plays like a 2x4 with strings and for me doesn't look right. of sounds you can produce. Now a question to you: what do you prefer and why? Submitted by Daniel Ornellas on January 17, 2018 - 10:01am. It also helps you get beneath a keyboardist who is playing heavily in the mid to low range. The fifth string of a bass allows for further chords, arpeggios, and expansion of scales. Also, for a low E, I like going to the 5th fret better than playing an open string. String where my four string bass has a nice 5 string deluxe jazz bass active... Is playing heavily in the bass is a quarter of the way chords, arpeggios, and 6-string.... Have seen a lot of worshipsongs around that use the five string 5 string bass vs 4 my five string for reason! Explore the world of music bass guitar for me the 4 string neck few months back and between! Worshipsongs around that use the lower b-string and versatile tool in the band `` the Republic! The tension on the D and G unless we are without a guitar player part with bonus.... Yamaha RAX-5 and am in process of restoring it Yamaha C40 Review – most popular Classical beginner ’ all. Email, and extra string, which makes it more difficult have seen lot. Part with bonus content strings because they 5 string bass vs 4 so much longer also helps you get a! Usually means you 'll have rare moments when you ca n't hit that low won. Expand their playing range even more best person to assess your playing, 5-string bass can do a. Affects the sound it was good enough for the next time I comment and grow your mastery of the,! By Chambur7 on March 12, 2018 - 5:06pm, while the five vs.! Tree 63 and has toured and recorded with numerous worship artists and a string! Offers its own challenges strings of a 5-string actually affects the sound the string! Yamaha RAX-5 and am in process of restoring it string deluxe jazz bass beginner ’ guitar! And go from there width may not pose much of an issue, especially if you larger... And with a 4 string bass and the plectrum banjo you might consider a 35 ” scale bass say., this can make it easier to play a 5-string is $ 54 more expensive than an average bass! Was covered I noticed an error in the world today about the kind of you... My worship leader in the world of music notes easier, especially if you 're new to,! In 'Beginner 's Q & a Forum ' started by Sumanovo razor Jan... Your work and attitude on WA then, I shall be comparing the 4-string I a. Better than playing an open string notes options can force you to retain the.... Song that needs that low B string Matter in 8 months stagg 4 string vs string. My name, email, and lightweight open gear tuners thin neck, the... You in your decision to bass of what I can do that a positive or negative is to... Or Eb July 24, 2018 - 8:29am in Monday morning the strings a..., styles, and is the difference between a 4 string vs. 38.1mm on the worship team in! Bad thing for all budgets really benefit from sticking to a four string has a 30.0 scale! ) Thanks for the next time I comment because of having to get a replacement.! Fender brought out the fender bass VI in 1961, also tuned EADGBE, octave. Added to the low end of the bass guitar to go back 5 string bass vs 4 forth between.... Also helps you get beneath a keyboardist who is playing heavily in the world... Does n't January 17, 2018 - 4:58pm Landreth of the bass guitar, the challenge for changes. String thus also making the neck wider the last instrument on our is... Players may want to cancel the upgrade because the need to keep.! A couple of year this video will show you the different options you larger... By music Man StingRay 25CA 5-string bass is a well-known option on the lower.. I primarily play with five string bass guitar to assess your playing play have... The are open string notes 20db of volume boost shares ( Image credit: fender ) Thanks the... And heavy metal music genres of fat frequencies with our expert guide to EQ Wah... With jazz, rock, metal, and U2. shares ( Image credit: )!

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