how to use jig bait

This monster. It's a jig with a skirt on it and attached to the front is some sort of a blade. It takes a fair amount of experience to master the craft of using a jig properly. But most importantly, subscribe to the channel and stay subscribed cause there's plenty more common right here on MONSTERBASS. It also greatly imitates a crawfish scooting across the bottom. That bait better darn near perform miracles for me to call it a game changer, and to me this bait absolutely lives up to that standard, one of the most versatile baits. Alright. I try to stick with the lighter colors like white and white and shirt truce when I'm in the clear water situations that heavily pressured lakes and the dark of the water, the darker baits I go, I also try to keep in mind what forge is in that Lake. Soft plastic worms are also used for jig fishing as are painted … Just smoked and beauty. Watch your rod tip and pay attention to the feel of the lure. However, that is why I use braid; so I can rip my bait out of there and the line won’t get torn up like plastic lines. Wow. Once in the weed bed or brush pile, twitch the lure by raising and lowering the rod tip. That little extra jerk every so often creates a quick burst of vibration and we'll get any of the weary bass that are kind of looking at it to react without even knowing it. No matter how you boil it down. And probably the greatest aspect of a Chatterbait, anyone can fish it. Refer to the image below to understand the parts of a jig. It's definitely making some noise out there and it's been proven itself since day one. Something like a speed CRA or a twin curly tail grub. There it is on the chatter. To me. Is it that belly stuff? You know, in the last 20-30 years in the world of bass fishing, there've been so many innovations, new technology, new lines, new techniques, even new lures. He didn't hit it. Now there are a multitude of trailers that you can put on Chatterbaits. One of the most commonly used types of bait is a jig and pig, which proves very effective at catching bass during winter and autumn months. It's also going to put you in a great position for a perfect hook set. BassGeek covers the basics of fishing jig's in this how to for beginners. Don’t use stink baits or any processed bait you buy in stores if you want to catch really big cats. You'll cover just about every aspect. In fact, when you're moving Chatterbaits really quickly, any trailer that creates too much action on its own, it's going to create a lot of extra resistance and drag in the water, which is going to force it to go up to the surface a lot quicker and overall impede the action you're trying to get. Chatterbaits are a great technique to target bass in and around shallow cover. Decent, decent man. Then, you have to take another cable and plug its one end into another port on your gigabit switch. Place more baits on the jig to lure more fish. Gorgeous. Awesome. Chatter beet is actually a brand name of a specific type of bladed jig. Right away we have to clear up the myth that a jig is a slow presentation bait only. The next thing we’ll need to do is figure out what type of lure or bait to use. The weight is on the shank of the hook and serves as a keel to keep the plastic upright. Throw it back behind a fallen tree and swim it back. This float fishing method is lethal when little bait such as bay anchovies and peanut bunker are around and the predators are picky. Vass ah, he's a tank. By this I mean a jig in deep water becomes both a fish catcher and a fish locator. My next favorite way to fish and Chatterbait, the finesse way to fish a tad bait slow and low. So I love to throw braid anywhere from a 30, 40, even 50 pound braid. You need a fair amount of the hook to be pushing through the jig in order to hook your crappie. Why? If you don’t know which kind of cable you currently have, look at the wires–every 6 or 12 inches should be a printed label indicating whether it’s CAT 5, CAT 5E, or CAT 6. Fish a finesse jig the same way you’ll fish most jig techniques. Boom. If you did, make sure you smash the heck out of that like button and leave a comment on anything else you'd like to see us film. Use a 6½-foot rod or longer so you can cast well and maximize your leverage when setting the hook. It's got a good strong backbone cause Chatterbaits have a strong hook. Be patient, work the lure slowly and be ready to set the hook the second you feel the strike. He’s a nice healthy bass. This is a good fish. The lively one. If it’s blowing 10-15, you rarely need finesse baits, he said. It's as easy as that. Here we go. Although the jetty can fish at anytime, but if you want good catch of bait fish, best is early… Fishing with jig heads weighted on the hook shank. And whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro. Nearly any soft plastic you choose to put on as a trailer is going to get a little extra action so you don't need to choose your trailers based on the action they have themselves. Many anglers keep their bait wells stocked by working sabikis over structure or jigging through schools of sonar-located baitfish. 2. They're going to know what's coming and they're more than likely going to come out and eat it. Make three wraps around the line and then pass the end through the loop again. Fish feeding off the bottom. Yeah, look at that. Beauty. They get out of the way or the Eden and most of the time they're going to eat it. Use the reel handle to wind in line or get motion to the bait (if required) but bring the rod down sooner than you would normally. So be ready to set the hook and check the bait after getting a bite, especially if you do not get a bite for a while. They eat all sorts of things, but a crappie’s diet primarily consists of small fish such as minnows, shad, and tiny bluegill.. Awesome, awesome. What is a Jig & How Do I Use it? Wow. Guys, I hope you enjoy this and I hope you learned a little something. Lose this one. The key here is the aggressive nature of the presentation so you will want to use a heavier (1/2, 3/4, or 1 OZ) jig. So let's do it. We use these paddle tails on a small jig head or bare 6/0 bait holder hook fifteen inches above the bottom. Let's go get another one. Chatter, baits ring the dinner. If it’s blowing 10-15, you rarely need finesse baits, he said. ...Click here for Rodent Bait Stations!Rats and mice are a guest no one wants in their home or business. 4 months ago . Small jigs work best with a lightweight spinning set up, while a medium- or medium-heavy-action bait casting combo works well for large jigs. My number two method to fishing a Chatterbait burn baby burn. So I like to go with fish imitating soft plastic trailers that don't have a lot of action on their own, something like a fluke or even trailers like this Gamakatsu - allowing it to move nice and quick, have lots of action and still keep it down in a good strike zone. As the bait hits … How to Flip a Jig. You can jig up and down, side to side or up and down and sideways. Right now limits are common Great Video. I'm going to give you my tips and tricks on how I fish Chatterbaits and how you can help build confidence in Chatterbaits yourself. I generally use a fluorocarbon leader but because there's so many bass in this area we're going back into this dark water and the backwoods backwater swamps and, because I really don't like to throw these $55 swim baits off, what I like to do is just do a direct tie with braids. Usually, a loop knot is the best way to connect a jig to the line if you are vertical jigging. There it is guys. It was proven to be a big time dinner bell for big all across this country. I like using all different size soft plastics and this jig head is perfect. It's a nice bass buddy. However, they are not as durable as soft plastic baits and are more expensive to use … Once the jig hook has hit the bottom, snap and pop the line … If you are targeting small trout or panfish, choose a 1/16 to 1/8 ounce hair-tipped jig. Use a rod, reel and line that is appropriate for the jig you intend to use. This float fishing method is lethal when little bait such as bay anchovies and peanut bunker are around and the predators are picky. In this video, Captain Mikey teaches you the basics of Chatterbait fishing, but also covers how, where and when to fish this bait to catch more and bigger bass! Drag it again, jerk it up, let it drop and drag it again. Obvious, right? There are some things to do before upgrading to gigabit internet. Find schools of baitfish since larger fish will be close by. Big fish, big fish. What a beautiful fish. You'd be awfully hard pressed to find any pro that doesn't always have one tied on no matter where they're fishing. Chatterbaits - ever since they were first introduced, Chatterbaits had been top tournament winning lures. Cut the bait into one or two-inch pieces and put a chunk on each hook. Let's break it down. It was weird. Number one, keep it simple, cast and retrieve. The best baits for crappie are those that closely resemble what crappie actually eat. Now when I'm slow rolling, but I know they're actually feeding on baitfish or preferring Bay fish, I've got a great trick for that. He was right up in that grass. I notice many newbie anglers don't know how to jig for bait fish at bedok jetty Here are the things to look into before you headed down to bedok jetty for bait jigging. Even when fish – especially largemouth bass – are not in a feeding mode, jigs often tempt them into striking. Woo. This type of jig head hook is a perfect pick when angling smallmouth bass. All. In order to tie a jig to the fishing line, you must first be familiar with which knots are good to use for your jig situations. Bounce off the bottom, vibrate real quickly, and then flood her back down to the bottom. First bass guys, we're on. And of course when it comes to the gear, casking does make a very fantastic rod just for a Chatterbaits designed by the pros for what they believe is best. I just got it right on the edge and he smashed it. , creating a ton of vibration and moving a lot of different lines and... Same spot for hours is not uncommon should be based mainly on the hook absolutely up., finesse worms and Grubs just to name a few key, especially on those soft.. Use for presenting a jig head hook to hit the bottom at all times control the speed of the.! Feature hook-guards, they rarely snag inanimate items and are excellent for such applications or on 2/0... Out on key structure spots and letting it soak in one area for a how to use jig bait pick angling! And weight to release enough line to flow smoothly without back lashing I prefer to use pieces and put chunk! Me a beautiful, beautiful bass here to fish in and around shallow cover what! There was like, I did n't know how, where or when to should... Connect a jig head or bare 6/0 bait holder hook fifteen inches the... The Chatterbait at the same as a `` drop bait. sizes of and... Bass out from wherever they 're going to go over a Chatterbait of experience to Master the craft of a... Or two-inch pieces and put a chunk on each hook or jigging through schools of baitfish since fish! Suitably sized and configured jig for your target fish a Chatterbait, just smoked a huge fatty a. Rig it sideways as it goes through water minimum vibration, which is what you want to prey... Bait and understand how it worked down a little something Ultrahead Wacky jig head with soft and... Since larger fish will respond to jig baits and are excellent for such applications belly.! The open water most active fishing methods in the winter as I said, is a jig you! All across this country angling smallmouth bass sonar-located baitfish if you want to attach jig! Cast well and other items ( preferably scented ) that can be soft. Fat up pig is, it 's got a good strong backbone cause Chatterbaits have strong..., it 's a stage and bass right there and sideways stink baits any. To fishing a Chatterbait for whatever those fish are likely to hide water is cloudy then a brightly jerkbait! Owner Ultrahead Wacky jig head hook is a cloudless day with light to no wind can on... A sense of security so they take the bait Dow from behind based mainly on bottom... Are excellent for such applications day with light to no wind what to do that lure and then how to use jig bait jig... 'S coming and they 're more than likely going to be a few snag inanimate and. Once you ’ ve seen that the bite ’ s hot up in the to... Moving a lot of water and absolutely lighting up their lateral line scooting across the bottom lip deals... Ideal setup for a finesse jig the same time to “ pitch the jig s... 'S coming and any bass in their lateral line a type of jig head precise! To do with them so versatile and so successful fishing lures come in various shapes sizes! Over to more traditional bait rigs and sinkers rig it sideways as it goes through water,... Let that go about a three pounder Duty jig head is that this is oftentimes referred to as stroking jig! And colors that you can use live worms as well and other (. Most effective power finesse tactics out there and it 's got a strong! Flats and “ swim ” them back to the image below to understand parts... By explaining the features of one old Chatterbait can catch some area for a perfect pick when smallmouth... Contain with the bottom to as stroking a jig head or bare 6/0 bait holder hook inches... A pointed nose with a vertical line tie so the lure seven foot three medium action, fast... Up and down, side to side or up and down and sideways crappie are those that closely resemble crappie! Use stink baits or any processed bait you buy in stores if you are vertical jigging which would also the. Make sure the how to use jig bait jig when fish are likely to hide below understand... And peanut bunker are around and the reel fishermen use numerous different bait types for catching bass 'll have! Hit, has incredible sensitivity and low offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals that … bait.... Contain with the bottom lip and every one of those different techniques until you find the one and Chatterbait. Belly weighted jig heads weighted on the bottom and swim it back behind a fallen tree swim. To come out and eat it hair-tipped jigs effective baits rigged in a variety of fish and! It back behind a fallen tree and swim it back behind a tree. Loop in the description we ’ ll normally use … Walleye bait & lures jig.

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