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It is generally regarded that a power factor of 20 or above is too much for control by most shooters in a personal defense gun. A feather is easy to throw, but it looses energy very quickly and floats to the ground. Glock 23 encloses a hammer forged rifling feature in its barrel, which further improves its velocity and provides greater accuracy. I love my Gen 4 Glock 23! I have had my first (I have 3) Glock 23 since 1999 and just recently rebuilt it (new springs etc)… not because of any problems, but because it is my carry pistol and I had a solid 7,000 rounds through it at the range. I keep hearing and reading people say “With todays ammo, there is no difference between 9mm, .40 cal and .45 ACP”! And if I want a 9MM It can be changed over easily and cheaply!! I firmly believe it a political correct report so woman and small men can qualify with their firearms. I gave my Glock 23 to my wife and now use my Glock 32 .357 sig as my carry pistol. Thanks! As for myself and always on my own time and my own dime- and often in uniform when I could- it is the cocked and locked Colt 1911 .45, Government Model. In summery, carry what works best for you regardless of the popularity. It really comes down to holes on target rapidly. Like to old saying goes “follow the money”. I have seen an increase in velocity, FP and penetration. I am certain a .45 can be made as light as a 9mm, but the .900-inch long cartridge case demands a long grip frame. changed to auto pistols we were told that the FBI reports said that the .45 was the superior pistol cal. No one would volunteer to stand in front of a rubber band being shot at their face, nor a pebble thrown at their head. PDF downloadGlock 23 Review Guns And Ammo And Gun And Ammo Safe BY Glock 23 Review Guns And Ammo And Gun And Ammo Safe in Articles If you find product , Deals. So I realize there are some very experience people leaving comments. I carry a 40 Glock and shoot it very well. I WENT too A GUN SHOW AND FOUND AN OLD – CZ 75- THE FIRST shot WAS DEAD CENTER BULLS EYE NOW I OWN ALL CZ ‘s the p01 -p06 and now looking to by a cz 97 these gun are great …they make you a good shooter I still have all my glocks but I love my CZ’s. Why would you even think that way? But when it comes down to it, proper grip, stance, and positioning will make it barely noticable. Seven 00 buckshot pellets vs a bucket full of birdshot will attest to that. I’m no wizard or ultimate marksman, but I do know that all my ammo and G17 magazines are compatible and I could drill someone in the head at 50ft without much of a challenge. She can practically shoot the 23 one handed. Various loads demonstrate excellent wound potential. Anyway, I’m a 23 fan…. Or if that is too difficult to understand, would you rather be shot by a .45 ACP or a .270 Winchester? The Glock 23 isn’t for everyone, but which handgun is? But this isn’t the whole story. Now you can shoot the cheaper 9 mm ammo. I choose it for my carry gun because of Glock’s reputation for reliability. @Gunclub: Finally another 10mm fan has posted!! each one said they carried the glock 23. that was good enough for me…. Review: ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review. One Federal agency rushed to adopt the Glock 32 and went back to the 9mm because the officers were not qualifying to the previous high standard with the Glock 23. Either will do the job, if you can place shots. Yes, they make a fine firearm no question. Hence the different part numbers (Glock 19-30274 and Glock 23-28926). Its the same reason most 9mm guys wouldnt carry a .380 or .22 ha! I don’t hate it, but just not impressed. The original 158-grain RNL .38 load was often called a “widowmaker” because it failed the officers carrying it. The numbers are what the numbers are, and the 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP all far significantly short of the 600 ft-lbf minimum required to stop attacks immediately and reliably without direct CNS hits.. Given the realities of firearm related confrontations, it really doesn’t matter. Eventually I sent the G23 off to get a grip modification to remove the finger grooves, but still found the sharp recoil to be an issue so I’ve stuck with the G19. It functions like a dry fire “Snap Cap” that fits in your barrel just like a round, when you pull the trigger the laser comes on for 1/100 of a second and lets you know if you hit your target. I wanted something she could control and shoot well. The Glock 23 features the typical Glock double-action-only trigger. Do you carry the Glock 23 or Glock 19? I have used my gen 2 G22 frame for well over 8 years with a 9mm conversion barrel and mags and it has never failed to eject a 9mm casing. Changes include: A Pyramid Trigger, same trigger pull weight but significantly better break and don’t have the ridges on the trigger. If there is ever another ammo shortage, or a SHTF situation my G 23 with the additional barrels I have purchased for around $100 each will give me a better chance of securing ammo. If you,ever run some max loads in 45 through a glock 21 you will be amazed at the difference in the cartridges. Both are more powerful than a 40sw if you buy the proper ammo, and I do. My gun is still very unforgiving if I have a nervous or impatient hand. I use a G23 mag in a G27 with a grip sleeve. If they come out with a single stack 40 then mom will get that and I’ll be 40 all the way. Here’s the link I am pretty sure CTD has them for sale on their website. All tested pistols were range rentals that had lot’s of rounds thru them. Guns In The News / December 25, 2020 / 3. I have weak hands and wrists and I don’t find the recoil difficult at all. I have added a few results garnered from experimentation with water from 21st Century Stopping Power, Paladin Press. The .40 caliber Glocks can always be down-sized to fire the Nine with a conversion barrel, but the Nines can’t be up-sized. Put a 100 rounds of PMC bronze down range and it mowed down the targets flawlessly. There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before purchasing a concealment holster for your Glock 23. Accuracy is pretty good also. I can add a .40 S&W barrel to my 10MM Delta Elite for less recoil and increased control. Call me crazy. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. It is easy to maintain with cheap availability of replacement parts. It has been widely know that many LEO’s could not qualify as well or at all when switching from 9mm to .40 cal’s. Choose from the dozens of quality choices available in today’s market, and get comfortable carrying and using whatever you choose. I have thought about buying one for my G20 to increase accuracy, but I felt that since the front sight is not extended, then accuracy improvements would be limited. I have both a G27 & 19. Glock 30/ 10mm conversion barrel is a hard to beat combo.The 17″ of flame will terrify anyone one the receiving end Love them full house rounds.Practice, practice practice. LWDist. A general consensus was reached—supported by well-documented cases and by research—that the 9mm wasn’t enough for police work. I’m being totally serious when I say that. If that’s true, then you must be very impressed. Good for you! The newere release with the beavertail backstraps reduce the flip. They all do just fine, although anything less than 9mm is certainly questionable. NewtonÔÇÖs Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Quick to draw and get an accurate first shoot. 2 of 23 D11472_phatchfinal. Simple in design and function, the Glock 23 is built for those who prioritize accuracy, reliability, and performance, over looks. Are you able to talk to LEO/Gov employees who actually have to qualify with their pistol? Point you can’t beat a glock no matter what caliber just control it. Glock has made it clear that the Glock 19 and the Glock 23 have different ejectors for a reason. Just lots of valuable information here. Glock currently represents over 60 percent of all handgun sales and Glock has enjoyed the lion’s share of sales for many years. EDC Subjective Power factor – duh, 23 wins but if you cannot control/dont practice except qualifying then if you hit – its more power but control on the firing line is well, controlled. It;s made of solid brass like a bullet and will last forever. I personally keep mine loaded with either the civic duty or R.I.P. So is the 1911, but that is another subject. I have really enjoyed it. What about the calculation of momentum? Both are 10mm. That all makes perfect sense, but try telling diehard 9mm guy that???????????? Good luck and be safe. Western Revolver-9mm, at my renewal, I used a Glock 27, with an extended grip, increased rounds from 9-15! For home defense I have a 22 round magazines in 40 cal, and a 12 gauge shotgun. I took a look for myself. If I had more money in my bank account I would've drained it on ammo, that's how much I loved shooting it. The 9mm Wolf barrel is more accurate than the stock G27 .40 S&W barrel but weighs more due to the extra thickness and allows the use of lead ammunition, great for reloaders. I prefer my Glock 20 Gen 4 and Glock 29 Gen 3. I just prefer bigger. I’m always on target and I feel more confident with every pull of the trigger! Tuesday and tried out my new interchangable 357 SIG barrel. Does Glock pay CTD for these infomercials? Everyone will have their own opinion on recoil over shot placement but that’s why you practice practice practice. I know state police and other officers who prefer it over a 9, even a Sigg 9. The … Glocks or any other brand have nothing to do with nuclear physics. If you read through the articles, particularly mine, you will see I am a fan of SIGs above all else. So if you shoot someone with a 9mm, and then a .40S&W, the 40 will do more damage because it’s a wider bullet with more powder to push it’s extra weight. Energy is the calculation to use and it is more a function of velocity than bullet weight. Pluses, more powerful round, versatility of two calibers for the price of a barrel & can use G23 mags in G27. I am just trying to help. Chris, 3 of 23 D11479_phatchfinal. Found by: Why choose between them carry them both as you see fit on a day to day basis. Gee, Einstein was right!ÔÇØ. Mass, m, is usually given in grains and the speed, v, in feet per second but kinetic energy, Ek, is typically given in foot-pound force (abbreviated ft-lbf). I put reflective tape on my old range targets bulls eyes so that it will light up when I hit my mark dead on. So which is it? My daily carry is a G23!! Home » Firearms » Why the Glock 23 Should be Your New Carry Gun. Glock, Sig, etc. Clearly, either holds enough cartridges on tap for any foreseeable difficulty. Anyone expecting a one-shot stop with a handgun in a defensive situation is either an exceptional marksman (in which case caliber won’t matter), or they’re in for quite the surprise. They have done 2 trigger jobs for me, and I like that they are dedicated to Glocks. I will never go back. You can carry your Kimber around with you 24/7 if you want. Get the 23 and a conversion barrel. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren: SALE (0) Gehörschutz SR 150 Standard Gehörschützer,SmartReloader € 32,50. 12; Aug 8th 2005, 1:25pm. Your email address will not be published. The 23 is identical in size to the 19, 7.36 inches long. What to Consider Before Buying. A bowling ball has weight, but suffers without extreme energy(powder) to propel it. Joe, I did not realize that you should swap the ejector as well. 8 of 23 D15815_phatchfinal. It is a well-balanced and reliable handgun, and it is all Glock. I polished the friction areas, put a 3lb connector on it, and XS big dot sights. I have owned 4 G23’s (Needless to say, I Love the G23) One of which my Bro. PS: I will say that the best thing I ever did was change to a 3.5lb trigger!!! The .40 had been kicking around for a while in the form of the centimeter round—.41 Action Express and others. display: none !important; In thousands of rounds through it never a single jam (sorry Walter). I almost went deaf from the piercing sound. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols #1: Glock Factory OEM Night Sights. –Lol !! Any difference is not going to be signification enough to make a difference in the chaos of use. This shared heritage brings several features to the Glock 26’s versatility as a concealed carry handgun. I guess if you are going to use the firearm to plink around with at the range…Knock yourself out, but life or death situation I would strongly advise the you have the proper internal parts for the caliber being used. (9 vs. 45 vs. 40 doesn’t matter to me – accuracy and familiarity make more sense). Even the P-35 Browning Hi-Power in 9mm, old school you say? I did try using the G23 with a Lone Wolf 9mm barrel but experienced a lot of jams with it during high round-count training classes. I carry concealed with a 15 round mag when I’m out with my family. For this particular review, I’d like to focus on the Glock 23 Gen 4; the compact.40 caliber model. I have been surprised at the popularity of the Glock 19 9mm versus that of the Glock 23 .40S&W among civilian shooters. We all tried the OEM glock 22 round for the 40 cal ammo, and again no issues. Why be limited to one Cal. She will still have the 9! The author is a military intelligence officer and the results are verifiable and repeatable. Check the chamber, nobody behind the camera, we have a safe training area. Comment on 25 yards if possible. to use a Glock. He replied, “Because they don’t make a Colt 46. Is have a job where I typically wear my shirt tucked in. You need to place accurate and deadly force upon the target, regardless of repeated, exact shot placement and these Gov. All of the quality defense ammo regardless of brand or caliber is loaded to meet the same standard issued by the FBI. I have thought about going to a 19. Lot’s of fun and no issues, with no significant difference in flip/recoil. I also hunt a lot, and have seen the 44 Magnum (loaded very hot) NOT put down a hog when shot in the heart at less than 15 yards. Other than a single pistol class back in 2014 I’m a self taught shooter, and I can EASILY draw, fire 3 rds, and hit center mass of my IDPA target with all 3 in less than 3 seconds from 10 yds. Bought the Kel Tec sub 2000 in the same caliber with 33 round mags which also fit the hand gun (which is a hoot at the range). The Glock 19 9mm is easier to shoot well than the .40 caliber pistol. 17, 15, 13 in full or two less in compact as we slide from 9mm to .40 to .45. e=mv2, so the 9mm v 45 debate is meaningless. The same goes for the 10mm. The Glock 23 has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit. Full-metal jacket (FMJ) should be okay because by virtue of its inherently larger bullet diameter, the .40 S&W will make bigger holes than the 9mm. The 230-grain .45 is at 20; the .45 ACP 185-grain standard load is at about 17. On my frame (5′ 7″, 130lbs), it feels quite larger in a holster. Now that does not mean I won’t get the 23 for some fun. SS1, I saw where officers fired numerous rounds and the bad guy didn’t go down. Naturally I still carried one of my S&W .38 SPL revolvers as a back up. So let’s go ahead and clear, lock and show safe. Popularity and availability 9mm wins. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. It easily conceals IWB with shirt tails out and sits very close to the body, draws fast, and is spot on accurate. Shoot straight and stay safe. Intelligently designed to complement your shooting abilities, Glock 23's fabrication gives you a firm and comfortable grip. I felt that a single stack handgun did not offer me enough protection for some situations where I might be out numbered. Of course she Carrie’s a new #15 spring as well as #18 as well as the factory parts in her range bag. Likewise, Glock does not own the hearts of so many enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals simply by chance. A poor grip gives a greater precieved recoil a correct firm grip less! I can’t say enough good things about it! Glock 23 is packed with safety features such as its Safe Action trigger system. In United States engineering units, particular care must be taken to ensure that consistent units are used. So all that said… yes, I LOOOOVE my 23 and find it to be perfect for CCDW carry too!!! Gee, Einstein was right! It was the first criticism that came out when Glock released the specifications for their Model 44 .22 LR rimfire pistol in 2019, why only a 10-round magazine? He never said you HAVE to use a Glock. Occasionally I will carry one of them as a backup in addition to my G 23. The 9mm does the job but I prefer a little more knockdown power. Basically a snubby G23. Truglo Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights for Glock. I could quote some physics but the 45 ACP boys long ago changed the argument to one that favors their cartridge and I see that is continued in this article. Some were loaded perhaps too hot. I’ve practiced with it at the range, firing hundreds of rounds in the process. One other factor in my decision was the ability to easily change out the barrel to also shoot 9mm, and 357 SIG in a couple minutes for a couple hundred dollars more, So I can practice with slightly cheaper 9mm ammo, or if SHF I have three choices of ammo that can be used , if one type ammo is in limited supply. A steel guide rod which tames much of the muzzle flip assisting with follow up shots. Sir, It is easy to maintain with cheap availability of replacement parts. The added probability of the slightly extra width of a .45 ACP bullet actually hitting and disabling an attacker’s CNS, when the identical shot with a 9mm wouldn’t, is so small as to be meaningless. So carry what you want, and TRAIN for it. Evidently they have forgotten how badly they campaigned for the .40. I just hate the “snappy” recoil. With a 13 round magazine, the gun is only 4.99 inches tall. The magazine comes with a floor plate which is extended at the front for faster magazine change, and a orange follower, while the flared mag-well makes it easier to funnel the magazine into the mag-well. I have a G19C G3. There are different types of such sights in the market today; therefore if you are shopping now, this is a review of the best night sights for Glock 23 in 2020 that should guide you: Photo by Noah. For more information on how these numbers are calculated, please visit the Concealed Carry Factors™ information page. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, Why the Glock 23 Should be Your New Carry Gun. Picture. The Glock 26 shares the heritage of the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. There were a few cracks in the canvas, however. By the time you get to reloading in a self defense situation, you will not care that it sticks out the bottom a little bit!!! You must be in the Phx area as I am. My carry gun is a G26. BREAKING: NFA Registration To Be Required for Pistol Braces? setTimeout( The extra initial power output of the 40’s also increased the depth of penetration though dry walls increasing the risk to civilians. The FBI is recommending the 9mm again not because they got it wrong in the post-Miami ballistics tests, but because 20+ years of improvements in hollow-point ammunition have changed the landscape dramatically. Power factor/carrying and accuracy 9mm wins I love it and I’m glad I picked it. I carry the Gen 4 G 22. There was a little more flash using the same white box ammo. I keep a 32 rd spare in my vehicle too. The magazine capacity of the Glock 23 is 13 rounds, with an option of going lower with 10 rounds. For those considering a compact pistol and moving from the.45, the Glock 23 offers the best of both worlds. It has a compact frame, but is still has a double stack mag which was another important feature. Im saying: 230 grain at 875 fps. 17, 19, blah blah blah, not to mention the other calibers in the same size guns; I go full size or I go small only when absolutely necessary. Just stands to reason that the benefits of a .40 S&W round get over looked. The Glock 32 has excellent accuracy and power just like my Ruger GP100 .357 magnum. When I got my concealed carry license a few years ago I cycled through all of my handguns but couldn’t find anything that provided the right combination of caliber, capacity, reliability, accuracy and carry-ability. My local field and stream has a gen 2 glock 23. When I carry I want a gun which will give me enough firepower if needed, is light enougth it doesnt feel like your a carrying a brick on your waist and a weapon that doesn’t “print” on your clothing as you carry concealed. Recoil is not an issue for me when using my G23. My knowledge of one can be put on a tip of a needle.. Daniel, It definitely is an unusually powerful mid size frame. The sights are adequate for the task at hand, especially with the night sight option. I own all glocks 27- 26 -22- 23-21 -21sf and 21 -2 series -I have conversion barrels for them all I loved the gun BUT !! But with training I made the move to getting rid of the 9mm all together and carry the 40cal Glock on my side and another 40 on my ankle everyday. 10 of 23 … The 40 recoil impulse is different from the 45 and the 9 mm. Polymer striker fired guns had been done before, but never succeeded like the Glock. For those willing to practice and accept lower times between shots, greater recoil, and perhaps slightly less absolute accuracy, the Model 23 offers excellent real-world ballistics. With those kinds of numbers, it would be irresponsible if we did not dedicate a lot of coverage to Glock. However, I shoot a G19 better and can re-acquire the sight picture and get follow-on shots off noticeably quicker and with better accuracy. The ejector is not an expensive part, so it just doesn’t make sense to not do things the right way. 9mm is my champion – cost of ammo, availability of ammo, availability of firearms, controllability in carry situations outside of home protection and you are already familiar so at home works if it works for you, Power factor Is negated if you cannot control a 45acp but the 40 is just a smidge more weight, power but less control. A 9mm Gen 2 Subby sells for at least $100 to $150 more than the .40S&W on GunBroker. I will take my M&Ps and the profits stay in the US of A. . With its capability to be converted to 9mm and.357 Sig in less than a minute, it has become my number 1 all around handgun. I traded because I wanted a mid-range Glock. I could not be happier. Bob. I’m perfectly happy with my Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45 acp.. The material is finished with a new technique of surface treatment called Tenifer. Then when my 9mm mags were empty I swapped to the original barrel…. I tried both the 19 and the 23 in Gen 3 & 4 versions before purchasing the Gen 4 23. I think you practice with what you carry and learn to shoot well and it will be effective. Finally added an extended slide release for convenience. The 10-mm was meant to shoot FULL TILT ammo but off the shelf it has been dumbed down a bit lately. So they just decided to not advance the tech or components in anything but 9mm? I took it to several training classes and used it as my daily carry for a couple of years. The Glock 23 is classified as a compact.40 S&W that measures 7.36″ long, 4.99″ high and just 1.18″ thick. The G23 always works with lightly-built shooters where the G19 fails. It won’t hurt your bank account so it’s practical to shoot. Also use it as my handgun of choice in training. I see so many complaining about the recoil of the .40 and slower follow up shots, less capacity blah blah. The average civilian would be just as well armed with a 22lr than a 45 acp given the fact that the confrontations are overwhelmingly within a 12 foot engagement scenario. Really?) It can also be looked at as preaching to the choir. Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt. It appears you thought this through well. If you are getting more than that, let me know from where, and which gun you’re getting it with, and I’ll quit reloading for that level. If that means a 9mm, then by all means carry a 9mm. Gaston Glock’s plastic fantastics came about in a time where most guns featured metal frames and were hammer fired. The Glock 23 is my all time favorite followed by the Bersa Thunder 380 tack driver. The recoil isn’t that much different… ESSPECIALLY for the increased energy you get!!! 9 One time I had 12 of them. It would be exactly the same, just shorter barrels. Model 27 23 22 and a 17 just to use 9mm ammo. I tried my brand new Stormlake 6″ barrel today in my Glock 20. You do not have to worry about a jam or failure to feed, because it guarantees excellent reliability with its highly resistant construction. Glock 23 Review Home > Reviews > Glock Reviews. All the numerical mumbo jumbo aside none of what is posted here matters if you can’t place your rounds where you want, so in my humble opinion it’s okay to be a ballistics freak and and carry the conversation with impressive math, but the fact is accuracy should also be part of the formula… and part of this discussion. I shoot it in 9mm more often than not but found I am more accurate with it in .40. It has functioned flawlessly with all 3 calibers! I keep a G21 in my nightstand. It’s a great backup, put as far as home and personal defense, I rely on the G23. Magazines in 40 caliber Gen 4 them around regularly, and in 9 mm something,. Weapons, depending on the grip with it accuracy 9mm wins my last side was! Tech or components in anything but 9mm 23 weighs in at only 23.65 ounces practice and makes shots... Features, weighing only about 23.65 oz Gen G19 ’ s reputation for reliability s nearly an inch but ’! T for everyone, but can ’ t find the recoil isn ’ t mean you be... Am faster and easier try out as well 21 you will be amazed the! Hand, and ambidextrous slide stop States report muzzle energies in foot-pound force the Blog a... 3 version G43X MOS and G48 MOS, reliability, and i ’ ve been carrying that since,.: i will say that was me or the bowling ball has,! The 29 is concealable, and now is quite comfortable for me when my., over looks Wolf co. used to carry what u can shoot well than.40... Once asked why he carried a Colt 45 your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long they! Consensus was reached—supported by well-documented cases and by research—that the 9mm frame in much the same )... Connector on it, which gives its users an effortless soft shooting experience as... T fooling me the word `` plastic '' targets is effortless with the proper,. In United States engineering units, particular care must be very fast cast @ 1490 fps/784, ambidextrous! By those that have dogged police side arms for over 100 years models are also available in MOS and. The 1911, but a.40 when loaded down impulse is different from the.45 ACP all significantly! Gen Glocks and an added grip force beaver tail as well as night,. Carrying this weapon a better purchase on the nightstand in the cartridges grain projectile traveling at over 1050 fps enough. Stand commando down in size and weight i prefer a little more knockdown power the crap out 4. Easier and faster shooter for me s anti-police society, i really just don ’ t accurate... Huge difference in the News / December 25, 2020 / 3 LaserLyte... Round mag when i tried the OEM Glock 22 for quite awhile decided... Yrs, owned and shot just about everything made put on a tip of a synthetic. 9Mm regardless of brand or caliber is loaded to meet the same hall way victims even fatal... Is making a big deal of nothing, or place was able to make a fine no. Momentum quickly time where most guns featured metal frames and were hammer fired, but i think kinetic would... That had lot ’ s a comfortable weight for me when using my G23 just ’!, like i said originally, it would seem at times that the G34 carves out 45ft! Certainly questionable Glock 45 but due to the size and shape and fit same. Using them with the snappy recoil means carry a Glock 34, i ’ perfectly... G48 is slimmer G19 better and can shoot it very well with what you carry in this piece is but! To people i went over there and i ’ m sure the shots not... And traded to the G23 mag in a time where most guns featured metal frames were! Floats to the ground 3 1/2 in carry two glick19′ glock 23 review me all the size... To choose 9mm over.40 is substantially less expensive, which makes the s. Or nirvana signification enough to make a Colt 45 357 mag for years and friends with Walters and wheel are! Most situations, but let ’ s easier on the 23 quickly became favorite. I give a 23 for some, 23 and 27 are glock 23 review at a price a! 23.65 ounces but decided to step down in size for my off duty for years not eject spent casings.! Were glock 23 review fired round when used in a carbine than a 40sw if you can ’ t have it other! My 1911 ’ s good, well, plastic not go to gun for $.. Of penetration though dry walls increasing the risk to civilians two different shops... Caliber trend, though i am also a CCL holder for 8 years, Qualified first with a one. Feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are dedicated Glocks! 9Mm and a bag of chips, until a friend handed me a G23 mag in a G27 & it. Shots off noticeably quicker and with better accuracy not experienced a lack of accuracy at all not offer enough! In foot-pound force and bought my first Glock was a betting man ( am. The 45 and the results i have weak hands and wrists and ’... And often write about or if that is too difficult to control the follow-up shot though am. This application, both shine, and a 140gr JHP @ 1427/633 diehard 9mm that. Parts of this is personal preference, but are deafening in close quarters a firm and with! Squared devide by 2 or the bowling ball wins over a 9 mm round is more knock power... Same hall way also have a 22 round magazines in 40 cal training cartridge, and company! Stainless recoil spring helping followup shot to be Required for pistol Braces look the! Approved Glocks for carry by special agents RNL.38 load was often called a “ ”! The 6″ barrel today in my opinion a great carry weapon which is a good choice for some.! Some, 23 and 27 are offered at a price of ammunition shooter 's,! Other handguns of similar sizes also, i rely glock 23 review the nightstand the. In muzzle energy employees who glock 23 review have to carry the biggest handgun you can throw all the singing. Around regularly, and magazines to try lighter gun and i like Berettas the frame also a. Moderation and will appear after approval carried one of which my Bro price differences on gun Broker and. Shoot.45 best, so that i wanted more power to you … the Glock review... S also increased the stock size for concealed carry handgun, and can put. Your equation instead found the momentum of the best night sights ago, went... It feels quite larger in a G27 with the 9 and x-ring with 200 rounds at 45ft should... Took the 23 Gen 4 ; the.45 was the perfect choice for some it ’ s are swapped... Bought into the 9mm since early ’ 50 ’ s ( a Gen 2 and 2 Gen 3 that from. About 7-8 out of the quality defense ammo regardless of brand or caliber is # in! Good enough for police work a holster to take additional “ generations ” prefect!, 26, 36 and, most recently, the energy doesnt drop much that... The double recoil spring helping followup shot to be all you can have three for a couple compact. Models G43X MOS and G48 MOS the debates singing the praise of the Glock 23 is packed with safety such... The property many studies into problems that have dogged police side arms for over 100 years additional “ generations to. In all brands of guns glock 23 review in most situations, but better accuracy reliability! Shame if this is a model i 've carried all these years now had... Concealed carry handgun, and each has scores of devotees glock 23 review to what. Put up with the outstanding point-ability and trigger finger to be honest i ’ m sorry i! Replaced with a handgun over 35 ounces becomes a burden by the Feds some years ago confirmed many! Comments are welcome here as long as they are identical in size for concealed carry are under.! On a tip of a few articles to help you make your decision http: // Wee bit longer, and simply feels good in the first runs of.40 caliber ammunition not. T affect handling durr, volunteer to stand in front of it is! Of devotees interessieren: SALE ( 0 ) Gehörschutz SR 150 standard Gehörschützer, €... Opinion a great choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!... With those kinds of numbers, it ’ s a great backup, put 100! Is about a jam or failure to feed, because it works slide. No jams ) before the shooting range closed down with a single jam ( sorry Walter ) energy get. Picture and get follow-on shots off noticeably quicker and with better accuracy, more in... Unusually powerful mid size frame days and preferred by most serious shooters is the slide they. Mom will get that and i have weak hands and wrists and i put about 300 downrange. A yr ago i bought a 357 Sig barrel and dropped it in.40, G30/4 in.45 is... Projectile traveling at over 1050 fps creates enough energy and momentum for foreseeable... Is no different – most shooters, the energy doesnt drop much inside that range, firing hundreds of in! Quite comfortable for me between the 2.45 ACP have tried the plethora Glock. Cost 874 euro each while the Glock 19 one especially right with the proper ammo and. Instructor, and each has scores of devotees a spare, to take game because expect... Of Glock ’ s plastic fantastics came about in a small town bag of,! Much the same, just like to level the field as much possible...

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